Question: What is the best way to buy a used car?

What is the best way to pay for a used car?

If youre buying a used car at a reputable, licensed dealership, you can use just about any way to pay you want, whether by personal check, debit card, credit card, cashiers check, or even cold hard cash. Just make sure you get a bona fide receipt if you pay cash!

Is CarMax a good place to buy a car?

We spoke with a few buyers and sellers, and our general opinion is that yes CarMax is good. The sellers enjoyed their car sales services because the price offered – while a bit under full value – was fair. The CarMax extended warranty also came in handy for several of our happy customers.

What is the safest way to buy a used car?

How to Protect Yourself When Buying a Used Car in 7 Easy StepsDont Skip the Test Drive. Check the Cars Title. Expect to Get a Free Vehicle History Report. But Dont Rely Solely on That Report. Check for Recalls. Contact the Previous Owner. Get a Mechanics Inspection.26 Jul 2021

Is Carfax a ripoff?

Carfax has a consumer rating of 1.64 stars from 14 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Carfax ranks 111th among Used Cars sites.

How can I avoid getting scammed for a used car?

Tips for avoiding scams when buying a carAlways have the car inspected. After you test drive the car yourself, get it inspected by a mechanic you trust. Dont trust sellers who say the online marketplace guarantees the sale. Check for liens on the vehicle. Perform a vehicle history check.

What is the most reliable used car brand?

Most Reliable Car BrandsLexus (81)Porsche (86)Kia (97)Toyota (98)Buick (100)Cadillac (100)Hyundai (101)Genesis (102)More items •Feb 18, 2021

How much money can you haggle off a used car?

Most dealers build about 20% gross margin into the used cars asking price. That means they ask for 20% more than what they paid for it. So offer 15% below the asking price.

At what mileage do cars start having problems?

Generally, vehicles are likely to start experiencing problems after the 100,000-mile mark. Also, in most cases, they no longer have a valid manufacturers warranty, meaning you have to pay for repairs out of your own pocket when something goes wrong.

Should I buy a car with 150K miles?

Many modern cars with 100K-150K miles are in great condition and will easily go another 100K. However, if a car has not been maintained properly and has been driven hard or previously wrecked, it can be junk with only 30K miles on the odometer.

Do all accidents show up on CARFAX?

Yes. If an accident has been reported to CARFAX it will be included in the CARFAX Vehicle History Report. However, we do not have all accidents as many have never been reported, or may only have been reported to a source to which CARFAX does not have access.

Is CARFAX a good deal?

Despite being the most expensive service, the Carfax report is the benchmark for all other vehicle history reports. Our opinion: Carfax is pricey but worth it, given that it has the most detailed and user-friendly reports. For many, a clean Carfax report is the first step in getting a good used car.

What is a lowball offer on a used car?

A low-ball offer might offend them since its their beloved car theyre selling. A common opener is to ask them, “Whats your best price?” This is an invitation for them to negotiate against themselves and lower the price a little. If they drop the price a bit, you can then come back with an even lower offer.

What to do if you get scammed buying a car?

If you feel you or someone you know has been a victim of a car-buying scam, report the scam to NCLs Fraud Center at

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