Question: Is Tawkify expensive?

What does Tawkify cost? A Tawkify Matchmaker Client will spend around $500/month (+ the cost of the date), to get paired with a matchmaker and receive handpicked matches. Clients are guaranteed at least one date per month.

What is Tawkify and how much does it cost?

Though its a bargain price for a personal matchmaker, Tawkify starts at $600 a month โ€“ yikes. A conventional dating site with a twist, How About We has you searching for the date youd like to go on instead of the person youd like to go on it with โ€” though you may find the two are one in the same.

How safe is Tawkify?

Safety โ€” Women members specifically like that Tawkify thoroughly screens and vets their members, making Tawkify dates feel a bit less risky than other online dating. Date planning included Tawkify actually plans dates, so all you have to do is show up.

Does Tawkify do background checks?

TAWKIFY DOES NOT CURRENTLY CONDUCT CRIMINAL BACKGROUND SCREENINGS ON ITS USERS. You also represent and warrant to Tawkify that you will use the Services in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws and regulations.

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