Question: How old is the youngest volcanic ash layer?

Which of these layers is the youngest?

The youngest fossil is the Foraminniferan. I know this because it is in Layer O, the youngest layer at the top. The oldest fossil is the Tribrachidium. I know this because it is in layer M, the oldest layer at the bottom.

What are the rock layers from oldest to youngest?

The law of superposition states that rock strata (layers) farthest from the ground surface are the oldest (formed first) and rock strata (layers) closest to the ground surface are the youngest (formed most recently).

What is any evidence of ancient life called?

What is a fossil? People that work with fossils, called paleontologists, use them to obtain an understanding of ancient environments and life processes, and from this understanding can better describe the history of the earth. Thus fossils, in whatever form they appear, may be regarded as evidence of past life.

Which two layers are approximately the same age?

Explanation: In the attached diagram layer C and layer D are approximately same age. Because they contain same index fossil.

In which layer is the fossil most likely the oldest?

The oldest layers are on the bottom, and the youngest layers are on the top. Because sediments sometimes include once-living organisms, sedimentary rock often contains a lot of fossils. Fossils are once-living organisms that have been turned into rock, in which the shape or form of the organism can still be seen.

What are the evidences of early life?

Scientists have discovered what they say could be fossils of some of the earliest living organisms on Earth. They are represented by tiny filaments, knobs and tubes in Canadian rocks dated to be up to 4.28 billion years old.

Which conditions makes fossil formation more likely?

The chances of becoming a fossil are enhanced by quick burial and the presence of preservable hard parts, such as bones or shells. Fossils form in five ways: preservation of original remains, permineralization, molds and casts, replacement, and compression.

What conclusion can be drawn about the movement of life to land?

According to the fossil record found in these sedimentary layers, what conclusion can be drawn about the movement of life to land? As land plants became more complex, animal life did as well.

Which life form existed on Earth for the shortest period of time?

Answer: The dinosaurs existed on Earth for the shortest period of time.

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