Question: What is the purpose of a vlog?

Vlog posts consist of creating a video of yourself where you talk on a particular subject such as reporting or reviewing a product or an event. It can even serve as a way to share your artistic process or provide a tutorial guide on a creative practice or topic.

What is the point of a vlog?

Vlogging helps connect with people from all over the world. The videos created by the creator reach the audience all over the world and thats how it helps people connect with each other. It also helps in gaining exposure and makes the creators stand out in the community.

Why do people do vlogging?

They are a way to entertain and communicate many things while showing your personality and maintaining a close relationship with your audience. Vlogs are the perfect channel to express your ideas and knowledge, to inform, educate, and even help others feel good.

Do vloggers get paid?

One can earn a minimum INR 120 for every 1000 views on the video and this goes upto millions of views. A lot of vloggers are also using Instagram as a platform for sharing their vlogs. If not ads, here you can earn with sponsored posts and videos.

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