Question: Are George and Josie still together from Beauty and the Geek?

During the series, three couples found a romantic attachment - George and Josie, Kiran and Bryanna and Jessica and James. Only the latter are still together and have been sharing couple snaps on their respective Instagrams from their Adelaide travels.

Are any of the beauty and the geeks still together?

But in August, Josie and George confirmed they were no longer together, but are still close friends. Weve decided that the best place for us is a deep friendship and a platonic love which will never change and will be special to both of us forever, Josie admitted in her Instagram post confirming the news.

Has anyone got together on dinner date?

A couple who fell in love on Dinner Date have welcomed the shows first ever baby into the world. Jemma Simpson, 33, from Alvechurch, Worcestershire, was won over by Edd Rodgers, 37, after he served her a deep fried chocolate bar for pudding at his home on the ITV dating show.

Are Kiran and Bryanna together?

“I value my continued friendship with Bryanna, and we talk every day. Bryanna is extremely important to me, and has been for the last several months,” he began the lengthy post. “However (and some people may be disappointed to learn this) we are not currently dating.”

Are any couples from blind date still together?

For almost two years, fans have been waiting to catch up with the contestants and find out who is still together from the reality series. Only two couples Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, and Matt Barnett and Amber Pike remain officially together and married at the reunion.

Has anyone married from first dates?

Ibiba and Arron are one of two First Dates couples who are still together to have welcomed a child together. They met on series five, and have since got married and had a daughter in 2017.

Who kissed on Beauty and the Geek?

George and Josie finally kiss Beauty & The Geek Australia 2021.

Has anyone from Dinner Date got married?

1. Jemma and Eddy, who met on Dinner Date in 2011, ended up buying a house together. 2. And then getting married.

Do you win money on Beauty and the Geek?

Lachlan and Kiera won Beauty and the Geek walking away with $100,000, with the episode aired on Channel Nine and 9Now. Lachlan and Kiera were paired together by host Sophie Monk in episode three, after being coupled with other Geeks and Beauties.

Who won Beauty and the Geek Australia Season 3?

Lachlan Cosgrove Sarah Lawther Beauty and the Geek Australia - Season 3/Winners Lachlan and Kiera have won Beauty and the Geek The final three couples were set to perform a Magic Mike routine in a celebration of vulnerability, transformation and confidence.

Are Amber and Matt Barnett still married?

Yes, Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett are still together and have been married for more than two years. Even after facing a couple of hitches, the couple is stronger and happier than ever.

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