Question: How do you play the field in dating?

What is having game in dating?

The girl with game is the girl who knows how she should be treated. She is the one who breaks up with her boyfriend or husband if he cheated or demonstrated negative and unhealthy behavior. She is the girl who notices the red flags right away, and she doesnt delude herself in an attempt to prolong the relationship.

What does playing the fiddle mean?

A fiddle is the same thing as a violin. To play the fiddle is to fiddle, and when you mess or play around with something, you also fiddle: Do you have to fiddle with your pen while Im talking? Someone whos fit as a fiddle is in perfect health.

What is the field in slang?

When someones in the field, theyre in direct contact with a source of data or subject of interest, as in doing work outside an office or laboratory.

What does I dont buy it mean?

Meaning/Usage: Disagree; to not be convinced. Explanation: This phrase comes from a popular way of getting agreement, which is buy in. For example, a company director can say, we need buy in from all the board members to proceed. In this statement, buy in is getting agreement.

Why do we say fit as a fiddle?

The violin was picked out as the exemplar because of the alliteration of fit and fiddle, and because the violin is a beautifully shaped instrument producing a very particular sound. But then fit came to mean in good physical shape and so fit as a fiddle came to mean in good condition physically.

Are violins and fiddles the same?

Violin: Are Violins and Fiddles Different? The answer is a surprising “no.” A violin and a fiddle are the same four-stringed instrument, generally played with a bow, strummed, or plucked. Fiddle, in contrast, is associated with a wide variety of music styles including Cajun, bluegrass, folk, and country.

What does the phrase cat and mouse mean?

a : the act of toying with or tormenting something before destroying it. b : a contrived action involving constant pursuit, near captures, and repeated escapes played a game of cat and mouse with the police broadly : an evasive action.

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