Question: What does NS ND mean?

No Smoke and No Drinking.

What does ND mean slang?

The Meaning of ND ND means “And” So now you know – ND means “And” – dont thank us.

What does NS in text mean?

Definition for NS NS means Non-Smoker. This is the most common meaning for NS on online dating sites, such as Craigslist, Tinder, Zoosk and, as well as in texts and on chat forums. NS.

What does ND mean Snapchat?

ND means And on Snapchat. [

What does ND mean on TikTok?

ND means And. This is the most common definition for ND on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

What is ND person?

Naturopathic physicians: These are also called naturopathic doctors (ND) or doctors of naturopathic medicine (NMD). They usually attend an accredited four-year, graduate-level school. There they study basic sciences similar to those studied in conventional medical school.

What does abbreviation NS stand for?

Nanosecond (abbreviated ns), a measure of time.

What mean FS?

File System. FS. For Sure. FS. Free Safety (football)

What does or stand for?

Operational Research OR stands for Operational Research, which is a way of using analytical methods to help make better decisions.

What does get I guess mean?

phrase. You say I guess to show that you are slightly uncertain or reluctant about what you are saying. [mainly US, informal, vagueness]

What means et al?

and others Hint: The abbreviation et al. is short for the Latin phrase et alia, meaning and others.

What is the full name of NS?

NS Full FormFull FormCategoryTermNice shotInternet SlangNSNatural ScienceEducational DegreeNSNetwork ServerNetworkingNSNetwork SimulatorNetworkingNS39 more rows

What is the full form of NS bike?

Related. KTM duke 200 and TVS apache rtr 200 4v. The Bajaj Pulsar NS200, previously known as Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is a sports bike made by Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj Auto. The term NS stands for Naked sports .

What does FS mean in education?

A to Z of common education acronymsA levelAdvanced level examinationsFSFoundation StageFSAFinancial Services AuthorityFSMFree School MealsFSPFoundation Stage Profile228 more rows

What does HH FS mean?

Acronym. Definition. HHFS. Household Food Security. Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved.

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