Question: Is Tyler a Duggar?

Who is Tyler Duggar? Tyler, 12, is the son of Rachel Hutchins, who is related to the Duggars. Rachel gave him up while she was facing felony charges. He was placed under the custody of grandmother Carolyn Hutchins in August of 2015 until she suffered a stroke.

Did the duggars adopt Tyler?

Tyler Wayne Hutchins (born February 10, 2008) is the son of Rachel Hutchins and the great-nephew of Michelle Duggar. He was adopted by Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar in November 2016.

Which Duggar kid is adopted?

Michelle and Jim-Bob Duggar legally adopted Tyler in 2017 and treated him as though he were their own. The Duggars have given the 12-year-olds their family surname, making the transition official. No information has been released on whether or not Rachel Hutchins played a part in the changing of her sons last name.

Who is the cousin living with the Duggars?

AMY Duggar is a member of one of reality televisions biggest - and most famous - families. She is the cousin of Josh Duggar, who is facing charges of downloading and possessing child pornography.

Did Josh and Anna get a divorce?

Like Josh, Anna grew up in a conservative and religious household with several siblings. The family source said Annas decision not to divorce Josh up until this point lies with not how she was raised, however, but because of her relationship with God. Its not just how she was raised.

Does Derrick Dillard drink alcohol?

JILL Duggars husband, Derick Dillard, is done with the family rules and drinking what he wants. The Counting On alum flaunted his decision to consume alcohol during his and Jills double date with cousin Amy Duggar, 33, and her husband Dillon King.

Do any of the Duggars watch TV?

While several of the Duggars may allow their kids to watch some TV shows, most appear to be following in Jim Bob and Michelles footsteps regarding having an actual TV set in the house. Jill and Derick do not own a television. They allow their children to stream content on a laptop.

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