Question: What is a ginger UK?

In British English, the word ginger is sometimes used to describe red-headed people (at times in an insulting manner), with terms such as gingerphobia and gingerism used by the British media. Nonetheless, individuals and families in Britain are targeted for harassment and violence because of their hair colour.

What is a ginger in London?

Be careful describing somebody as a bit ginger or a ginger in the UK - particularly in London. Ginger or Ginger Beer is rhyming slang for queer or homosexual.

What is a ginger in slang?

The term ginger originated in the UK. It was initially created to insult a redhead. Take a look at Urban Dictionarys definition of ginger: A human, characterized by pale skin, freckles and bright red hair.

How do you tell if someone is a real ginger?

Bright Red HairIt has been said that gingers have one freckle for every soul they have eaten. Fiery hair is an easy way to tell if someone is a ginger. Half-gingers (like myself) have some but not all symptoms of soullessness or gingerism.More items

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