Question: Is Nandi mngoma getting divorced?

Mngoma, the Skhanda Love singer, signed a confirmatory affidavit agreeing to the dissolution of their in community of property marriage. The couple has two children.

Is Nandi mngoma divorcing?

Nandi Madida And Zakes Bantwini Make Its Official! The Divorce Has Been Finalised. Nandi Madida And Zakes Bantwini make Its official! The divorce has been finalised.

How old is Nandi Mngoma?

33 years (March 20, 1988) Nandi Madida/Age

Is Nandi Madida and Nandi mngoma the same person?

Nandi Madida (born 20 March 1988) is a South African singer, actress, model and television presenter .Nandi MadidaTitleMiss Junior RSASpouse(s)Zakes Bantwini ​ ( m. 2016)​ParentsThamsanqa Mngoma (father) Thandeka Mngoma (mother)Musical career7 more rows

Is Nandi and Zakes still together?

Zakes and Nandi have been together for eight years but have now been married for five years.

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