Question: Will Tosh 0 get picked up by another network?

Though the show was initially renewed for four more seasons in January, Comedy Central walked back its decision on Aug. 20, announcing that Tosh. Sources told THR that the network is shopping Tosh. 0 to other places, but it doesnt seem to have been picked up elsewhere yet.

Will another network pick up Tosh O?

Tosh. 0 might continue to air elsewhere, but no statements have been made about the future of the show as of yet. Some fans headed over to Twitter to try and take matters into their own hands. @VICE since Comedy Central has cancelled TOSH.

Why are they canceling Tosh O?

Sources tell EW that ViacomCBS is working with Toshs team to shop the show to other networks, and the cancellation was in part due to Comedy Centrals new focus on adult animation. I look forward to doing an animated reboot of my show on MTV in 25 years, Tosh said in a statement obtained by EW.

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