Question: Is Fantasia still married to Kendall?

As for her personal life, shes been married to Kendall Taylor since July 2015, according to People. The couple tied the knot after just three weeks of knowing each other.

Is Fantasia still married to Kendall Taylor?

Taylor also has another child — a son named Treyshaun — from a previous relationship. The 40-year-old businessman, who Barrino married in 2015 after dating for only three weeks, used Instagram to gush over his wife after witnessing the birth of their daughter.

Who is Fantasia married to now?

Kendall Taylorm. 2015 Fantasia Barrino/Spouse The American Idol alum and her husband, Kendall Taylor, announced they have a baby on the way during an Instagram Live session on Tuesday.

Who was Kendall Taylor married to?

Fantasia Barrinom. 2015 Kendall Taylor/Spouse

Does Fantasia have a baby?

Fantasia Barrinos daughter Keziah will be home soon enough! Barrinos daughter was born on May 23 and since then has been in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU). Keziah was born a little too early but she is a fighter just like her Mother, Barrino wrote on Instagram May 26, days after announcing Keziahs arrival.

Did Fantasia Barrino have a baby?

Fantasia Barrino is celebrating her newborn daughter, Keziah, leaving the Newborn Intensive Care Unit one month after her birth. Though she welcomed her third child in late May with her husband, Kendall Taylor, the babys early arrival caused her to stay in the NICU to be monitored and cared for.

Does Fantasia daughter Zion have a baby?

On May 23, 2021, the singer and her husband welcomed their daughter. They have yet to show their daughters face on social media, hoping to protect her identity for now. Like Barrino, Taylor also has a son from a previous relationship named Treyshaun.

Why is Fantasia baby in the NICU?

Fantasia Barrino Brings Daughter Home From the NICU After Giving Birth Back in May. Keziahs early arrival led her to stay in the NICU to be monitored. Barrino posted a photo cradling the baby on her chest after she was born.

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