Question: How does a priority like work on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Suggested Bagels A Priority Like is similar to a Tinder Super Like. According to CMB, it will get you noticed 6x faster. Each time you use it costs 540 beans – more on those coming up. Women are presented with bagels who both meet their criteria and have already “liked” them.

What does priority likes in CMB mean?

The second feature being brought in is Priority Likes, which will make singles appear higher up in the pile for potential matches that theyve already liked. They will also be able to see data about other members, showing how active they are and how likely they are to respond to messages.

What does priority like mean?

Priority Likes is a new feature exclusive to Tinder Platinum subscribers that makes sure your Likes and Super Likes are seen faster by a potential match before the Likes of non-subscribers.

How do you get suggested on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Well use information — like the preferences you set and who youve liked or passed on in the past — to introduce you to a limited number of your best potential matches (aka bagels). Then, we send them to your Suggested section in the app just once per day.

What is Platinum Tinder?

Tinder Platinum gives you all the same features as Plus and Gold, but an extra two exclusive features to increase your chances of getting a match. These are Priority Likes and Message Before Matching.

Whats the benefit of Tinder Platinum?

As a Platinum subscriber, you can attach a note to every Super Like you send, increasing your match-making potential by up to 25%. And when you do—feel free to stand out in a major way by complimenting their photos or giving them your best opener.

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